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The condition in which one cannot pull the foreskin of the penis past the glans is known as Phimosis. While urinating, there may be a balloon-like swelling under the foreskin. It normally does not cause any pain in teenagers and [...]

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It is often found that there is an abnormal development of the penis. Chordee is the congenital condition which results from this. A sexologist doctor can treat this condition, which is a birth defect. The position of the head of [...]

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Premature Ejaculation

It is often found that a man suffers from a typical problem during sexual intercourse. It is that the ejaculation of the man occurs sooner than he or his partner will like. This is called premature ejaculation, which is a [...]

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Erectile Dysfunction

A common one among the male sexual problems is erectile dysfunction which occurs when a man finds it difficult to have or keep a firm erection enough to be able to have sexual intercourse. In occasional cases, keeping their penis [...]

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