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Phimosis is the inability of the foreskin being retracted behind the penis in uncircumcised males. This progeny can be happened in two forms - physiologic and pathologic. Physiologic type is seen with new-born babies. Our main concern is pathologic one as it is seen with adult people who are victims of unsatisfied sex affair. Reputed surgeons specialist in Phimosis Treatment in Kolkata is ready here to tackle such incoming cases.

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Inability to retract of the foreskin from around the tip of the penis is known as Phimosis. This type of tight foreskin is seen among baby boys and normally ceased to occur by the age of three. Natural occurrence of this disease may be result of scarring. Most occurrences with babies requires the experience of Best Sex Doctor. Young boys do not need any treatment unless it makes difficulty in urinating. Normally any inflammation on the tips of penis can also be treated as cause for phimosis. It may be an off-shoot for poor hygienic condition.


Engagement of Best Andrologists into diagnosis and treatment has made the matter more communicable. Normally physical tests and review of health and symptoms history serves highly for diagnosing phimosis or balanitis. Balanitis is an underlying situation for phimosis. Such treatment usually starts with a swab of the foreskin. It requires to be studied in a lab. Bacterial infection will require antibiotics and antifungal ointments are used to treat fungal infections at the primary stage.

In absence of infection, the treatment of tightened foreskin becomes simple. Depending on the severity, gentle retraction will be enough to treat the problem. Foreskin is softened by using a topical steroid ointment which makes the procedure easier. Application of the ointment may be required for several weeks twice a day.

Surgical procedures like circumcision are required for serious cases. Entire foreskin is removed in this process. Partial Removal of the skin is also possible. These types of surgeries are required normally for adults, but can be applied to males of any age if needed.