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Second Opinion

Not satisfied with your previous diagnosis? Our advice to you is - Don't rush into any treatment. When it comes to treating sexual problem, it is very easy to go wrong. Although a major part of the population of India is facing such problems, lack of awareness makes it more and more difficult to diagnose and treat it. Other reasons can be inexperienced doctors and unprofessional attitude. Whatever the reason might be, one must not rush into any prognosis. Take time in understanding the problem before starting the treatment. Given its delicacy, it is always better to take a second opinion.
We, at Kolkata sexologist clinic, are a highly professional set of doctors with years of experience. Building good relation while providing a hundred percent clarity is what we believe in. We will explain to you the course of medical treatment followed by all the pros and cons of it. You can expect an honest opinion from us. Whatever doubt you have, we will clear them all.
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